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    We work with teams to create custom gear for their squads. Sports include softball, baseball, bowling, volleyball, hockey, darts, advertising and more. Feel free to ask and we'll see if our partners overseas can produce what you are looking for.

    Contacting us

    Since there are so many ways to contact us through our various social media, text, and other ways, this year we are trying to consolidate all communication to email,, so we can better keep track of communication in one place.

    Design process

    We try to design unique jerseys from scratch working with your ideas and influences, we try to supply a couple proofs as fast as we can, send you inspiration to us through email.

    The gear

    The process used to make gear with designs all over is called Cut N Sew. This means the designs are printed as a transfer, placed on the desired fabric, sublimated (heated) and transferred to the fabric (varied levels of polyester mixes), parts cut out and the pieces sewn together to make the final product. We can supply generic sizing samples if you would like to try the sizes on before shipping.


    Minimum order: 12
    Our basic polyester jerseys run $30 for team orders, $35 for long sleeves designs. Minimum initial order is 12 and once a design is confirmed they take 2 to 3 weeks to produce, reorders take the same amount of time and possibly longer as we try to optimize shipping costs and group designs together.

    Cage jackets

    Minimum order: 5 per style (short sleeve or long sleeve)
    Our ¼ zip cage jackets are made of a water-resistant fabric and are available in short ($35) or long sleeve ($40) designs and feature a hoodie pocket design. Minimum initial orders are 6 per style. These take 4-5 weeks to turnaround depending on current order loads. The can be customized by design and colors, and due to the zip feature we try to design so the logo/words don’t get split by the zipper.


    Minimum order: 5
    These are made through the same manufacturers as our cage jackets. Minimum order of 6 per style and team orders are $45 each. They also take 4-5 weeks to produce. They are very soft and the design features a pocket, hemmed waistband with a short tail on the lower back.


    Minimum order: 12, then quantities of 5 (18,24,30)

    Hats, on the other hand, are typically embroidered. We use primarily Pacific Headwear as our hats of choice. We can supply custom colorways of our designs (AkS, Bones) or work up complete new designs. One restriction on hats are that they must be ordered in quantities of 12/18/24 for each style. So if you want a mix of curved, flatbill, or snap-backs, you must start the order with 12 of each. Hats start at $25 for team orders and may go up based on hat styles.

    Support documents

    PLEASE don't send us jpgs or images of your order or reorder, copy the text and send that to us if you can't use the excel files. (we have to retype all of that to order) If you can't open the Excel file, please email us a text file or enter the number/size/name on back (optional)

    Size chart