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    AkS Bones Apparel

    Many an Alaskan gets asked where they live in the Last Frontier.

    After explaining we don't live on an island off the coast of California and Mexico, the easiest way to show someone is to lower your right hand, extend your thumb and index finger and bend your three remaining fingers at the last knuckle.

    It’s a bit rough. But the hand, in this case, makes a sufficient map. The thumb represents Juneau and the southeast, the index finger Anchorage and southcentral extending to the Aleutians, the first knuckle is Dillingham and the southwest, the second is Nome the finish of the Iditarod, and the top knuckle is Kotzebue and the Far North, Fairbanks falls just left of the center of the back of the hand.

    The map of Alaska is used extensively on jerseys and just about everything else you can think of so when we went looking for a subtle way to make our Reaper jersey represent Alaska without being a little cliche the AkS Bones was born, a skeleton version of the Alaska hand sign. The Reaper jersey is still a work in progress but the AkS Bones has become a force on it's own.