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    Back in 2012, three new friends found one another during first-year orientation at the University of Oregon. Over the next few years, they found common ground in craft beer, wild ping pong rivalries, and exploring the great Oregon outdoors.

    During these outdoor expeditions, the crew kept running into the same problems. Some days it was brutal sunburns on the river, other days torrential downpours at the stadium. Most often it was just the abundance of poor headwear options better suited for an archaeology conference.

    With six months to go before graduation, the three friends debated a simple idea—what if there was a cap that allowed the head to breathe like a trucker hat, but prevented the “redneck effect” with a full brim for 360-degree shade? Was such an amazing piece of outdoor gear even possible?

    After several cardboard prototypes (and recycling bins filled with craft materials and beer cans), the friends launched their first product in Fall 2014. They called it The Bucker, and it was the world’s first ever cowboy-trucker hat combination. They sold thousands.

    Since then, Cowbucker has established itself as one of the most unique headwear companies in the world, equipping weekend warriors with functional outdoor gear for climates ranging from Eugene to Everest. From the lake to the tailgate, Cowbucker creates each new style with the same core purpose -- with a focus on Better Adventures™.

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